The Korean counterpart

Korean magazines with a melancholy feel:

Vogue Korea

Marie Claire Korea

Numéro Korea

W Korea

I can never forget this editorial from W Korea March 2007:

Images: TFS

  • Jenifer Leiws

    Great Korean fashion i think first time i see that type of Korean fashion.

  • zoe

    i agree with you on the fact that korean magazine covers are always so breathtaking. i don’t see them a lot, because i’m always broke and cannot be a magazine collector, but when i do spot them i’m always in awe!

  • t4jotr

    vogue korea is amazing but my fav would be W mag!

  • lovestylefree

    too true!! I am infatuated with Korean magazines and editorials though I can’t collect them because I have no sources. I love how they can make Korean pop idols look so high fashion. <3