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I just read the news from AsianModelsBlog that the average circulation number for US Vogue is 1,647,872 as calculated from the last quarter of the year. That is an increase from 1,301,575 in March and 1,224,131 in June. The numbers still came in threatening because no matter how much it rise or fall, it doesn’t seem to be going below a million. To think more about it, there are not many other editions of Vogue that can even cross over the half million benchmark. Ok, none of them actually, they are only around 5 or 10% of US Vogue’s circulation.

Which means, in the end of the day, despite all those rumours and criticism, Anna Wintour is still the inevitable queen of fashion magazines. Powerful.

Here are the approximate circulation of some international Vogues:

Vogue UK: 220,000 (source)

Vogue Paris: 125,000 (source)

Vogue Italia: 200,000 (source)

Vogue Espana: 121,322(source)

Vogue Nippon: 85,000(source)

Vogue China: 320,000 (source)

Vogue Australia: 49,000 (source)

Vogue Russia: 200,000 (source)

Vogue Mexico: 55,000 (source)

Vogue India: 50,000 (source)

Now, you get the idea…

  • peek-a-boo

    The truth is Vogue’s the best and Anna’s Queen.
    All this recent Denial should be put to rest!

  • Lupussy Galore

    Apparantly people loves the celebrity US Vogue? Kate Moss is to me more like a celeb than a model these days.

  • Asian Models Blog

    I added new information on the number of advertising pages in Vogue.

  • Laila


    Thanks for al the info… US Vogue charges $128,220 for a full page of ads according to their media kit, so $50million is not surprising i guess

  • Asian Models Blog

    I based that number on the NYTimes article that reported Vanity Fair Italy had 6,000 ad pages and $100 million in revenue. 🙂

  • Dark Bohemiia blog

    VOGUE is not a magazine !!!
    it’s just a phenomenon ,
    kind of hurricane

  • diva

    Vogue Spain circulation is 121.322 according to OJD, so get your facts right please.

  • Laila


    thanks, sorry for the mistake. it’s corrected.