Stars or florals?

Emma Cook, JC/DC                                            Thakoon, Reyes

Maybe Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent’s spring collection set the trend. I am seeing more and more stars everywhere… on clothes, editorials and face tattoos. I think there is something interesting about stars, they are kinda funky but trashy if interpreted wrongly and notoriously hard to pull off. But most of the time they look good in editorials and at least, it is something fresh because I am getting bored with florals. Most of the spring/summer 08 collections did florals in all kinds of shapes and sizes and I have seen enough of them on the runways and editorials, they all look the same!
So what do you prefer?

  • rachelekehler

    I am all about the stars…I have 3 small stars tattooed around my ankle bone!! But I must say I do enjoy a good floral blouse too.

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  • Acidtrash

    The real trend setter was Victor & Rolf S/S 2007, but im with the florals!!!

  • peek-a-boo

    Stars for me.They do have a kinda 70s feel.I think we’ve had an overdose of flowers already and its not even Spring yet.