Seeing Double – 313 Somerset Vs Vogue China

The Chinese New Year promotional poster for Singapore shopping mall 313 Somerset was unveiled today, and the first thing that strikes us is the uncanny resemblance it shares with the ‘Chic Savage’ editorial in Vogue China November 2010 issue, photographed by Max Vadukul featuring face of Dior Karlie Kloss and Patrica van Vliet (see full editorial here). The similarity goes right down to the pose and hair and… everything! Ooops.

  • asyraf

    I GASPED when I saw this. Hahaha. Was about to scan it…

  • Bagaholicboy

    It is a shame really… why go to such lengths to do such a huge campaign, just to copy everything, right now to outfits and hair colour?

  • Laila Lu

    I was quite shock also, I feel bad for the photographer and the team who came up with the idea too 🙁