Seeing double

The new Vogue China March 10′ cover

Shares an uncanny resemblance with this Vogue US May ’09 cover shot by Steven Meisel.

To note:

— Anna Jagodzinska is in the exact same position, same pose, same expression.

— the three models on each cover shot are the same brunette, blonde, blonde. (asian replace black)

— they are being shot in the same position, two models on top, one below, half body.

— also a group of mixed models from veterans to rising stars, and different countries.

On another note, this is Liu Wen first Vogue China cover. She deserves the spot even though she is at the far end. Maybe one day, a solo cover will be in the works.

[images: thefashionspot,]

  • AMB

    I’m not liking the cover at all. First off, Du Juan looked a little odd (photoshopped?) and the yellow color is totally wrong for the blue and white color scheme.

  • ClaraAnne

    Love Du Juan but I seem to be seeing less of her now, Liu Wen is certainly dominating the runways. She’s pretty great too though. I really agree with AMB, the fake ‘blue sky’ effect and the harsh yellow? Cringe.

  • bhisan

    and it seems they always need caucasian women among a single asian one. why not do a full asian women spread. i still don’t get the publishing politics but it makes me realize what MUST be done.

  • want february

    Can you please make a review of february issues of vogue?
    thx in advance<3

  • Laila Lu


    Which country’s edition are you talking about?

    By the way, the February magazine covers post is coming up within a week, reviews will be in 🙂


  • want february


    thank you so muuch:P