Sasha-Gemma in French Vogue

”Romance Gothique”
Vogue Paris March 2008
Models: Sasha Pivovarova, Gemma Ward
Photographer: Craig McDean

The trouble with casting two lookalike models in the same editorial is that… we can’t differentiate who’s who. Alright so Sasha has sharper features because she’s thinner but Gemma’s cheekbones in the second shot got me tricked!


In case you haven’t figure out, the top two are Gemma.

I love this editorial by the way. It’s like a modern Marie Antoinette gone dark. Very unique.

source: fakingfashion

  • peek-a-boo

    From a slight distance they even looked like Natalia Vodianova at a glance!

  • Kielo

    And when you squint really hard they both look like Hillary Clinton! She should use them in her campaign.

  • girlenvogue

    Gorgeous editorial!
    I love the random coke can thrown in.

  • rachel

    Wow – I never realized how much they look alike until I saw this! I always thought of Gemma as softer and more doll-like, were Sasha’s looks are more angular. You’re right, though – I could barely tell them apart!

  • Kielo

    On the shows: Sasha didn`t do even Prada!!! (And neither did Adina Forizs…) What does this mean?
    When you look at the Anna Sui closeups from NYC she does look dreadfully tired… Drugs? Cancer? I sure hope not!

  • asianmodelsblog

    Gemma = Sasha = Natalia = Vlada!

    East European blank look/heroin chic girls.

  • asianmodelsblog

    Except Gemma is Australian, of course.

  • peek-a-boo

    Have ya ever noticed how Caroline Trentini and Heather Marks look alike?Or that Sasha P looks like Leonardo Di Caprio in drag and Gemma sometimes looks like ‘Chucky’LOL!

  • megumi

    Sasha is the ugly twin of Gemma. Sasha looks haggard and sickly.

  • Kpriss

    Before reading this article I really believed I was the only to not tell them apart!
    Now my mind is eased! However, Sasha lost a lot of weight lately (or at least it was my impression)

  • cordelia

    Have ya ever noticed how Caroline Trentini and Heather Marks look alike? yea, + Lydia Hearst and Lindsay Ellingson-these 4-the same type and just to mention not my type:))))