“Rave New World” by Panos Yiapanis for W

If you are a fan of Pano Yiapanis‘s styling you will definitely like the latest effort from the avant garde stylist for W magazine March issue, shot by Mario Sorrenti. While Pano’s usual work is pretty dark and complicated, he mashed up some of Spring’s most interesting pieces to create the “Rave New World”, featuring models Aymeline Valade, Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Doutzen Kroes & Nadja Bender. The results are an editorial that’s high octane, chockfull of colours and bursting with vigor, looks like something that will make you pause at the pages and stare for more than a second (and then maybe get dizzy).

Check out the full editorial from the master of texture here:

[Images: thefashionspot]