POP is love

The new POP magazine under Dasha Zhukova is wowing people everywhere with its power packed content. I’m loving the variety of fashion editorials in it, from top photographers like Paolo Roversi shooting Stam and Lily Cole to Hannelore Knuts making a comeback to solo editorials for Kinga and Melodie Dagault… the line-up itself is exciting enough, probably THE September issue of the season.

[all scans by fearless123@TFS]

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I got a copy of LOVE, Katie Grand’s current magazine/rival of POP,and content wise there isn’t a lot of fashion editorials, but mainly articles and features on young rising stars, which I thought have been covered to death by the media already. They are a good read, but under Katie I would have expect the magazine to be as jolly and whimsical as POP. Funny enough, both POP and LOVE have about the same direction to make a fashion magazine ‘not just a fashion magazine’, they have their own ways of translating that statement to readers. But the question is simple, would you rather see artsy editorials or read another article about Miley Cyrus?

  • http://rockandbitch.blogspot.com tisha

    GREAT POST! I love all your magazine scans…. since they dont have it available here for me to buy so looking at your post is satisfying my needs! THANK YOU!
    PLEASE DO MORE (esp. RUSSH Australian magazine)

  • http://mode-ulation.blogspot.com mode.ulation

    great eds! The one with Iekeliene looks dynamic.