‘Poetic Illustions’ by Mat Gustafson for Vogue China

Mat Gustafson‘s interpretations of Dior haute couture, are translated by subtle traces of details made by water colours, creating rather lyrical depictions of high fashion; poetic illustrations. The Swedish born artist’s elegant illustrations form silhouettes, which are draped with strokes and blotches of the most vibrant shades. These illustrations are published in the December issue of Vogue China.

  • asyraf

    I am so bummed out that I didn’t get this issue. It came in one day, and two days later, it was all sold out. I should have reserved the copy. This whole issue is so up my alley:)

  • http://rockthetrend.com/ Laila Lu

    I can get a copy for you 🙂 you might not receive it so quick but if you still want it let me know 🙂

  • http://idiosyncratic.wordpress.com asyraf

    OMG Laila. Thank you so much, and YESS(!), I’d like to get one copy:)