Katie Forgarty’s shoe mishap at Prada Spring 09′



has inspired a spread in local L’Officiel March 09′








ETA: “Balancing Act”
              ph by Ivanho Harlim & Shysila Novita
              styled by Karen Kwa
              Models: Sharon V, Sahib A, Bertie R


Funny, local fashion can be so badass sometimes.


[images: scanned by me from L'Officiel Singapore]

  • sophie

    that’s a really fun, original concept 🙂

  • augustinewong

    the idea is so great… and the model falls kind of real in fact, rather than a fake fall… i love this idea…

  • peek-a-boo

    Excellant idea. Wish I’d thought of that. Thanks.

  • henry5

    not loving the tramp stamp in the second to last

  • Laila

    ^ I think it looks bad too, and totally out of place, they should have photoshop it or something.

    She’s Sharon van de Pas, dutch model from IMG who dropped by Singapore in January for portfolio.

  • tisserendipity

    It’s a very original concept. I quite like it. 😉 Interesting way to showcase outfits from the rear angle too.

  • xwen

    HAHAHA, that’s brilliant!

    I think Karen was my senior in school.

  • PrismReflection

    I love it!

  • Theresa

    Way to cool! Great shoot I reckon, it’s really funny…

  • Sukaina

    I love the concept.
    But, what is the point of a fashion shoot is you can’t see the clothes?
    Maybe I’m being backward or something, but, couldn’t they have shot it from the front?

  • Laila

    ^ maybe they don’t want to see the crotch… this angle is more interesting, and quite spot on.

    wow I am surprised at how many websites have linked to this post, but upset at how some people don’t bother to credit.

  • AMB

    Love it! How did I miss the post?!?!?