Steven Meisel’s first ever Vogue Italia cover


Issue July/August 1988
Model: Robin MacKintosh (Women mgmt)
Ph by Steven Meisel
Art Director: Fabien Baron

James @Women just received a whole lotta precious vintage magazines from a casting director friend. What a lucky guy!

[image: women NY blog]

  • anna

    ugly model!!

  • http://madeinepal.blogspot.com bhisan

    so simple yet so strong.

  • http://asianmodelsblog.blogspot.com AMB

    A classic Fabien Baron look but the model’s features are a little too harsh. She looks a little like Lauren Hutton.

  • http://madeinepal.blogspot.com bhisan

    well this was the 80s, no airbrushing ….

  • http://rocketrend.wordpress.com/ Laila

    according to James, she’s the first Women mgmt model to appear on VI. I have not heard of her… but she looks interesting, that kind of interesting that Meisel will like.
    Oh wells, compare this to the current cover with Eliza…

  • peek-a-boo

    I think Robin is American and worked successfully-ish for a few years especially in Europe before stopping to pursue her studies.She epitomised a certain European look of the mid and late 80s of androgyny and bee stung lips.The aim was to make it all look ‘effortless’.Meisel and other photographers like Paolo Roversi and JB Mondino led the way at the time with this genre of abstract and washed print work.Only Italian and French magazines got get away with it at the time.JMO.

  • thethirdrow

    She’s very organic looking.

    Laila, I have read your blog for while and decided to make my own. I have only posted once so far but would greatly appreciate if you read it. Thanks

  • http://rocketrend.wordpress.com/ Laila

    I’ll check it out… am travelling now, will do so whenI am back, sorry if I missed any email or comment before hand

  • http://rocketrend.wordpress.com/ Laila

    P.A.B. — as informative as ever!

  • http://natalieinboots.blogspot.com/ Natalie

    This is beautiful! I recently posted a 1995 vogue italia shoot by bruce weber, check it out-


  • http://mode-ulation.blogspot.com Mode.ulation

    This is really down-to-earth and beautiful, Meisel has certainly brought his style to greater heights! I love this!

  • http://www.the-factory-girl.blogspot.com Sukaina

    She’s mesmerizing.

    Why don’t you like the Eliza Cummings cover?