Seeing Double: ION Orchard VS Tim Walker


The latest ION ad shares an uncanny resemblance with a W magazine spread.

If you are an industry watcher, be it a stylist, blogger or photographer, most of the time you find yourself remembering fashion editorials or campaigns that left an impression. You probably still remember THAT Lanvin Spring 2008 campaign by Steven Meisel with model Olga Sherer.

It came as a surprise that brands or agencies, for the lack of originality and inspiration, attempt to carbon copy concepts by major photographers and titles in the industry. In this case, Tim Walker and W Magazine. When you replicate work from that league, it is hard to escape the industry watchers’ eyes.

ION Orchard, whose creative agency is Tofu, had launched a “Spring Magnificence” campaign with an image that looks extremely similar to a shot in Tim Walker‘s editorial for W Magazine featuring actress Jennifer Lawrence. The highly-photoshopped image is incomparable to the renowned photographer’s work, who is known for producing fairytale-like, whimsical shots and emphasis on using real props.

Local shopping malls tend to invest big budget in shooting high fashion imagery to promote their various campaigns and this is not the first time that it happened, this incident (link here) with 313 Somerset and Vogue China way back in 2011 remains one of the most blatant copycat… ever.


[Image source: ION Orchard and