Interview Magazine does Grindr – “Brief Encounter”

Remember about three years ago Steven Meisel spoofed Twitter with a cover editorial called “Meiselpic” and produced twenty pages of model self-portraits in the style of Twitpic? Fast forward to 2012 gay phenomenon social app Grindr is getting spoofed by Interview Magazine in a 28 page editorial titled Brief Encounters showcasing what else – mens briefs. Don’t know about you, but thought this is pretty funny and genius. Here are 14 out of the 28 “Grindr” pictures styled by Miguel Enamorado featuring briefs from brands like Emporio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Burberry, Diesel etc

[Images: all taken from, I do not own any of the pictures and will take it down if requested]

  • Jessica

    So many sexy men..:)