Gaultier, the stylist

How often do the fashion people do ‘outside’ work that is not related to their own field? Not very. Commonly it is always designer-turn-photographer, but now check out Jean Paul Gaultier in the the styling role for Les Echos (for the clueless, it’s a French newspaper owned by LVMH, see their fashion page), for a spread shot by Sophie Delaporte, starring none other than Gaultier’s model muse of the moment, Coco Rocha in some Spring 09′ pieces. 

The looks are not all by Gaultier. He used a lot of Margiela, his own Fall 09′ leggings,  and there are pieces by Dior, Chanel, Garçons but somehow he managed to get that Gaultier vibe around. 











Not bad huh?



  • rachelekehler

    I love it!! I especially love the tights!

  • X-Wen


  • Jimmy

    Fantastic! The pieces are put together in a perfect way and I start to believe that Gaultier deserves much more of his 80’s attention.

    Though I’m starting to see why Coco has been so absent during the last runway seasons. If you look closely at some photos she actually looks a bit out of shape, (though everything but fat!) and this is after airbrushing!. I miss her a lot though and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a comeback for fall’s couture.

  • AMB

    Me likie a lot. I especially love the background colors.

  • bhisan

    really good ! 🙂 ! he definitely has a part time job himself 😀

  • lenore

    not bad, it’s actually quite good.i like coco but does she ever close her mouth?! it always ruins her shots.

  • cr

    Love the pictures. He is such a great designer and artist and he is always open for new projects. Here in Berlin he was doing costumes for the snowwhite ballet and they turned out amazing. We made pictures of the evil queen backstage. Check them out here.

  • ryder

    not bad at all. he is great. enough said.

  • Rowan

    These are stunning – if slightly scary! Great use of slightly unconventional matertials. Completely with you AMB – the colours are amazing.