February 2009 magazine covers

Vogue Italia

PD*26803840Pixie Geldof by Steven Meisel. Once in a while, Franca surprises us with a socialite/celeb… but Pixie is very unexpected, absolutely no link at all.

The cover doesn’t translate the “so young so cool” tagline well, utterly dull and boring.

Vogue Paris


All Lara Stone issue shot by Inez & Vinoodh. Review of the eds here.

Vogue US

95855_blake620lively920serena720van020der620woodsen220gossip420girl920february320vogue420cover_122_969loGossip Girl star Blake Lively.

This is very refreshing, and what a good pick of cover star better than random actresses. Moreover, the makeup and the hair is A+. Very classy and grown-up, it shows a rather different side of Blake’s usual character and style.

Vogue UK

voguecoverfeb09_4211 Cheryl Cole of Girls Aloud.

Vogue Germany

77640_mashanovoselovavogegerfebr09_122_651lo2Masha Novoselova. Though she is not really a coveted runway model, she is constantly booked for printwork— it’s where she really delivers.

Vogue Espana

voguespainfeb09sh3Franke Ryder. She is slowly making a comeback, after a rare runway appearance at Givenchy and the two campaigns (McCartney and Cavalli) last season.

Vogue Russia

newcover200901150945325py6A celeb cover by the way of Victoria Beckham. Very photoshopped, and awkward, but the Loewe hat steals the limelight.

Vogue China

11259065mw0“Lust, Caution” star Tang Wei.

Vogue Nippon

105el1yA blonde Freja Beha. Inez & Vinoodh has been turning her Marilyn Monroe blonde, first for this cover, and then the Roberto Cavalli campaign.

Vogue Korea

6908313Sasha Pivovarova. Reprint from the Vogue US Dec 08 ‘Shine a light’ editorial by Patrick Demarchelier.

Vogue India

indiafebme0Reprint of Vogue US Dec 08 Jennifer Aniston cover.

Vogue Taiwan

coverChinese movie star Liu Yi Fei.

Vogue Australia

2w3x6pj1Daria Werbowy. Reprint of Vogue Nippon Jan 09′ cover.

Vogue Mexico

portadaAli Michael on her first Vogue cover.

Vogue Portugal

vogue-portugal1Lindsay Ellingson, also on her first Vogue cover. This only the very third magazine cover she has ever front.

Vogue Brasil

vogue-brazilBrazilian catwalkers union— Daiane Conterato, Aline Weber, Bruna Tenrio and Viviane Orth.

Numéro #100

keaww91For such an epic issue, this cover is certainly not powerful enough though Toni Garrn looks really good and angelic. It was shot during that one free day between Milan and Paris fashion week last season.

Numéro Tokyo

51aax8urvxl_ss500_1Agyness Deyn.

Numéro Korea


Tanya Dziahileva.

Love this cover, really amazing colour composition.

Dazed & Confused


Natasha Khan of ‘Bat for Lashes’.

This must be one of the better covers in the recent months— eccentric, smoky and cool. BFL is such an amazing alternative music band and how suitable is it to have Natasha on the cover of Dazed & Confused. When indie music meets indie magazine, it’s match made in heaven.


brad1-1Brad Pitt by Chuck Close. The people at W continuing their obssession of the Jolie-Pitts… damn shame.


picture3ue0Lindsay Lohan.

Talk about transformation… under the magic lenses of Mert & Marcus.

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  • http://asianmodelsblog.blogspot.com Asian Models Blog

    Wooow! When did Korea Vogue started using recycled images?

    Has the global economic downturn taken a toll on Korea Vogue?!?!

  • http://rocketrend.wordpress.com/ Laila

    Not only Vogue Korea…

    Chinese and Indian Vogue also made their very first reprint for March and Feb respectively, disappointing… because the content is so good.

  • http://www.vogueite.blogspot.com Vogueite

    i think Brad’s cover is rather iconic, tbh… he personally requested for Chuck Close, an amazing artist who is famed for his highly unflattering photographs (read: super-revealing)

    i can’t think of many stars who would dare to appear on a cover with zero make-up and have every flaw, pore and wrinkle all clearly laid out for the world to gawk at.

    at the end of the day, it’s some of the most honest photos of Brad, not as a superstar, but a man who’s entering middle-age and is embracing it gracefully…

  • http://rocketrend.wordpress.com/ Laila

    ^ I agree with everything you said. I have the issue with me, it’s a fantastic issue in terms of editorial content.

    But the problem is firstly, W should drop their celeb obssession, they did Angelina a while ago already. A shot like this is wonderful, but it shouldn’t be on the cover of W, maybe somewhere else like Vanity Fair, Another Man, Rolling Stone or some mens magazine but not at W.
    Secondly, Chuck Close can do much better than this. His signature pixelated/collage style would work wonders for a cover, because black&white full face portrait shots are so overrated these days.

    Thank god the editorials are fantastic.

  • Alessafan

    Hey, it’s stated here that Ali Michaels cover is from Vogue Mexico, but it’s actually from Vogue LatinAmerica!! they’re different!!

  • http://natitata.blogspot.com nati

    wow, this overview is great!!thanks a lot, xx

  • http://ellastica.blogspot.com/ sam

    yay, for Lindsay landing her first Vogue cover!
    it’s about time. a striking model and cover shot. love the free-wheelin cover text.

    odd that most covers are mainly in native tongue except for Vogue India’s strictly English cover text.

    i’m fascinated by reprints for their potential to not only capture completely differing moods and ability to catch ones eye but also the manipulation of different creative hands which often highlight contrasting cultural interests and perspectives.

    so many gorge Feb covers, so little money.
    really enjoyed this mag round-up concept!

  • http://sugarspundreams.blogspot.com/ Penny

    My first glance at Vogue-Paris made me think Lara was pregnant—anybody else think that?! weird…maybe she is–I’m gonna look it up…

  • http://rocketrend.wordpress.com/ Laila

    Hi Alessafan:

    I have checked with Vogue Mexico’s website. Both covers are the same:

  • passionista

    celeb obsession is here to stay for some time longer. at least brad pitt is interesting. vogue italia did surprise me in a very unpleasant way.
    the interview cover with la lohan looks fabulous though.

  • http://manhattanmusic.com miami wedding band

    Blake of US Vogue caught more my attention. Anyway, let me just ask this, how many countries Vogue magazine had already reached? Thanks!

  • http://rocketrend.wordpress.com/ Laila

    So far Vogue US, UK, Germany, Nippon, Paris etc… but some have already been sold out.

  • http://www.blacksupermodel.blogspot.com chic noir

    sam odd that most covers are mainly in native tongue except for Vogue India’s strictly English cover text.

    India is a forner colony of Great Britian.