Vogue Paris does Amy Winehouse

Magazine: Vogue Paris February 2008
Editorial: L’idole
Model: Isabeli Fontana
Photographer: Peter Lindbergh

After Sasha-Galliano, Snejana-Wintour, another icon takes her place on the pages of French Vogue. While the singer’s personal life is on the fall, Carine Roitfeld had actually given ‘her’ a chance to shine… but a drugger is actually nothing to be honoured about. Let alone being a role model.
I’m still trying to figure out what’s the real message behind Lindbergh’s editorial. Is it humour or art?

Maybe that’s why Amy dyed her hair blonde… after seeing those pictures?

source: modelcouture

  • http://www.sofashon.com diana

    pretty funny. amy is not that pretty!

  • kielo

    I suppose it`s a kind of social commentary on media and people`s attention span. A scandal is always more interesting than health food. I think it looks humorous, I doubt if anyone actually would wish to switch places with Amy.

  • e

    i don’t know why fashion seems obsessed wi glamourising a very tragis and not even stylishly tragic figure. AW is dirty and unwashed and has serious addiction problems, yet she’s so fetishised by the fashion world. i think it’s really pathetic!

  • http://www.roxanaradu.wordpress.com roxanaradu

    now that i see these i feel wraped of amy;s charm, but shes gone blonde ….

  • sophie

    any sort of glamour amy once had went out of the window when she dyed her hair that awful yellow colour… what was she thinking???

  • peek-a-boo

    Isabelli has made a nice comeback tho.Gotta give Carine credit…she does try to make French Vogue different and not squeeky clean like the others.After Porno-chic and Heroin-chic its Trash-chic now I guess.I keep telling myself its ONLY FASHION for gawd’s sake!