Collections mania: the Gap PRESS

Something that I do twice every year: splurge on the ultimate collections book. You know those kinds of books that have almost every single image of the most important collections printed in cold hard pages? I like and all, but clicking through the images one by one and wait for it to load can be really time consuming. I would prefer to see everything in one glance, and the best of it all, read through it whenever I can. It comes in really handy for trendspotting and absorbing the essence of each collection. 

It is pretty costly ($35 for one book, if you want to have all four capitals, that’s $70) but it’s totally worth it— keep it as an archive or for future referencing. There are many types of books like this, from ELLE, VOGUE and WWD, but I usually go for L’Officiel’s or Gap Press. I have been buying Gap Press for a few seasons now:



I have to hunt down the latest Fall 09′ edition because it is really in demand here. I like that they zoom in on a few looks, and that the pictures really HQ, big enough for me to look at the texture/details of the looks and the colours are very real. 




They have some features in between, designer profiles, articles etc— all translated to English from Japanese.







I should be writing some trend spotting posts soon…

  • AMB

    I get subscriptions to lots of magazines — it’s fairly cheap in the US, like a year of US Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar is $12/year each — but I discard them after I’m done reading. OR I’d give them to my neighbors or friends.

    Then I went the ‘Model as Muse’ exhibit at the MET last week and saw lots of more recent magazines (last 15 years) framed like prized antiques books and I wished I had all my old Vogues again. 🙂

  • Camille

    I’m partial to Elle. An over-sized glossy runway-review magazine makes me weak at the knees.

  • Asilah

    Which is better, Elle Collections or Gap PRESS? From the 4 capitals, which is the best?

    I’ve been buying Elle but am looking for something better now, haha.

  • Laila

    I have never seen ELLE before but I prefer GAP for the size and coverage. You can browse through them all at the bookstore before deciding on which is more suitable to your taste!

    I think getting Paris is the most important.

  • Dinie

    hey if ur looking for back issues i think my friends are selling it. FB comment me if you want!


  • Asilah

    But Kino always seal their Gap Press issues! Haha, thanks anyway. Do you know where to buy back issues of magazines?

  • Laila

    I want also… lol

    At Kino, there’s a counter where you can request for the wrapper to be opened and so you can flip through the inside of the magazines 🙂

    Back issues can be mostly found only in Ebay unforturnately… But at Bras Basah book shops there are a lot of back issues. And then at Books Actually at Ann Hsiang hill, they have i-D back issues, hope all these helps 🙂

  • Asilah

    thanks alot! 😀