Chloé part ways with Paulo

”Chloé is parting ways with its creative director, Paulo Melim Andersson, and has named Hannah MacGibbon his successor. MacGibbon was a key member of the design team under former creative director Phoebe Philo, and helped define the hip femininity that catapulted Chloe to fashion’s big leagues.

Melim Andersson, who joined Chloé from Marni in 2006, showed three collections for the house and received mixed reviews.”

                              Paulo Melim Andersson

I was half-expecting this.
Ever since Phoebe left, seems like no one can fill her shoes. Do they have to dismiss Paulo that soon after only his third collection? They must have been expecting a lot from him. But look at Frida of Gucci and Stefano of YSL, they did take sometime to adjust to their respective houses and look how good they are right now.

Looking back at his past three collections, I realized that Paulo has been trying to create a new look for the label. His debut saw the Chloé girl stomping down the runway in boots and donning darker colour tones. It is more edgy and less soft but obviously the new look came too fast and it did not impress the fans and critics. From what I can see from his work, Paulo’s vision of the Chloé girl is more like ‘trying-too-hard’ than ‘effortlessly chic’. In other words, he does not understand the essence of Chloé well enough. But I do think that he is talented and does create pretty clothes but under Chloé, there is restrictions and very high expectations that he failed to live up to.

Do you think the CEOs made the right decision?

I hope Hannah is good to stay for as long and I can’t wait to see her debut.

  • J

    NO! I do not agree with the CEO’s. Viktor and Rolf had a point. Fashion is moving too fast. I really liked Paulo Andersson. I thought he showed great potential, even if he didn’t meet the “effortlessly chic” ideals of Chloé.

    This is a sad day for me…

  • Asian Model Blogger

    To be honest, the last couple collections from Chloe was pretty blah! The only thing that captured the fashion world’s attention was that orange handbag.

  • Acidtrash

    Absolutely… I believe he was trying to save the boat with his last collection, trying to bring back some of the old Chloé.

  • Carliekarl

    To be honest, I’m not really sure what the CEO’s (if they are indeed making this decision) are after. To be sure, Andersson’s first collection for Chloe was…jarring to my sensibilities. He moved in a COMPLETELY different direction that that originally charted by Phoebe Philo (a personal FAV!!!). However, FASHION is all about moving forward ( this is especially so with women’s wear). I could really FEEL Andersson’s work in his last collection for the house. It held up those things for which the house is known, floaty, sheer, feminine day dressing, while moving what I thought was brilliantly ahead. I’ll miss his work with Chloe but I’m sure he’ll land on his feet and continue creating fantiastic fashion!!!

  • Acquadellavita

    Definitely too soon…. I mean I was surprised that it happened so soon although his collections were a sort of downgrade in my perspective.. However he should have al least down two full years (two summers and two falls)..

  • vinicius

    Paulo Melim was not the best choice for Chloé, back in the last two seasons I was hopeless with his desing, I mean, this was another cool girls, exotic the way, but Chloé is a cool french girl. This season I tought he had future on the house, he did the signature blouses and stilish dresses as the pants a good interpretation of the identity of Chloé, to be sincere I didn´t expect that he would be fired, but I think it was the best think for the brand.
    Sincerely, Mathew Williason is over on Pucci, I don´t know why he stays in the house as Kris on Dior homme, it sounds mean, but this last guy presented a really bad collection for this vangard brand. There are better desgners looking for a job.