Apple Watch debuts in VOGUE

vogue liu wen apple watch 1Liu Wen has finally scored her first only-girl Vogue China cover for November (her previous covers are either part of multi-covers or group shots, this is her first solo cover) and besides that, the issue also marks the first time that the Apple Watch or any Apple products appear on a Vogue cover. This seems like a very business-savvy step between Apple and Vogue China due to the country being an important market for the consumer tech giant. The cover also marks a giant leap in wearable technology, something that Apple has always wanted judging from their poaching of ex-Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to become their Senior Vice President of retail and online Sales. What’s next? A wearable USB/necklace on a Vogue cover?

Check out the editorial in this issue featuring Liu Wen working the watch like it’s a Rolex. You know, supermodels have the ability to make everything look expensive.

vogue liu wen apple watch 2