All black Vogue Italia? Yes!

                         Jourdan Dunn

”Steven Meisel has just shot an entire issue of Vogue Italia with all black models, hoping that other issues of Vogue start to diversify their own portfolios.”

If we have been unhappy about how asian and black models are not getting much appreciation in this industry, change is coming. Or so I hope it would be.

First of all, Vogue Italia is HUGE.

Second, how often do you see Steven Meisel shooting black girls?

Someone has finally stepped out and made it clear that, black is cool. Though it took quite a while but I hope this trend continues.

By the way, ever since Jourdan Dunn burst into the scene, don’t you think she made quite an impact? She is the first black to walk Prada since 97′ and now… Steven Meisel. 
There’s something about Jourdan.

Liya Kebede, October 02, and Mimi Rogers, September 06, supplement

source: fashionista
images: TFS

  • Kate

    This is GREAT news. I hope this will lead to more exposure of black models on a regular bsasis. Thanks!

  • kayandreamer

    this is amazing, but its still an all black magazine, differentiating them from all other models

  • threadtrend

    This is so cool. Thanks for reporting it–I’m gonna write about it on Threadtrend. I’ll be sure to give you a link!

  • lise

    i don’t believe it’s truly being done in order to increase black exposure or opportunity… if they wanted to do that then they would simply incorporate more black models into the normal spreads. it smells much more exploitative to me, making a spectacle of it instead of just saying “black or white, whatever, these are just all beautiful girls and skin is not a factor.”

  • asian models blog

    How cool is that? Liya looks great in the Oct 02 cover.

  • Vogueite

    fab news for Jourdan – Chanel Iman must be SO pissed off haha! but seriously, it’s a great idea, kudos to Meisel.

  • Kielo

    Her eye make-up looks pretty shoddy in that. And it does sound like a stupid publicity gimmick to me. But if the results, and sales, are good, so be it.

  • nowohucianka

    that is so great! can’t wait. and i’m glad it’s vogue italia and not vogue us nor uk.

  • sophie

    jourdan and liya look beautiful on the covers. magazines really do need to use a more diverse range of models, after the world isn’t all white, and i can’t remember the last time i saw an editorial with a black model in british vogue.

  • Adriana

    @ kayandreamer, yes that’s my point too. I do really hope this isn’t a one time thing but it shall really opens the door for more varied models in magazines and on the catwalks.
    Though I love the initiative a lot…..

  • Julie

    Wonderful! There are so many beautiful Black women all over the world. It is a shame that they are often overlooked. I will run out and buy it. Thanks Vogue Italia!