A great read: Vogue China

I am a regular Vogue China reader and buy the magazine’s latest and back issues every now and then. It’s one of my favourite Vogues. Usually it depends on the theme of the issue. Guess what, you would be surprised that you can actually study about fashion via a fashion magazine. 


They usually have a theme splashed across the cover every issue. I have been ignoring fashion magazine headlines for ages already because most of them don’t speak for the content, and they are just for a cover story, let say around 6-12 pages long with not much elaboration beyond that. 

For this issue, I bought it mostly because it says ”Britain Rocks”. I read through the entire issue while on the plane and this is how the content went by the theme of Britain:



  1. Agyness on the cover, in Alexander Mcqueen Fall 08′
  2. For the ‘Vogue Shops’ section, they had 10 British style icons, from Kate Moss to Amy Winehouse to Stella Tennant.
  3. ”My London Life”. In this section, they interviewed 6 chinese nationals (some designers, some musicians) who are currently residing in 6 different areas of London. From there they would introduced their neighbourhood and where the best chill out places are located at.
  4.  ”Just a Number”. The team interviewed and wrote short biographies about British fashion people. Read: Alexandra Shulman, Anna Wintour, Sarah Mower of style.com, Suzy Menkes, Michael Roberts of Vanity Fair, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, Anya Hindmarch…
  5. “The New Brits”. A short 2 page article on the rising talents of British fashion— Gareth Pugh, Christopher Kane, Marios Schwab etc…
  6. Next up is of course, not to be missed, the editorials. Great, great editorials on the classy old British fashion (loads of plaids, tweeds, hats) and the punk side of it (Emma Pei in Westwood!) 
  7. “New Art Generation”— remember Mark Quinn, the guy who created a sculpture of Kate Moss doing yoga? 
  8. “Made in England”— skincare stuff. 
  9. “British Hair Legends”— an editorial featuring Agnete, Karlie and Liu Wen. There is also a short article on Vidal Sasson and his signature bob hair cut. 
  10. Finish off with what else? “London Shopping Map”. Must be super useful and handy if you are really planning to visit the country or so.
I like reading it also for the reason that my mother has been pressuring me to brush up my chinese. If I can understand the content word by word fully, I am sure I would have learn a worthwhile lesson. 
cover image from women's blog

  • Hannah

    I live in london, and even though it is not really me ( I am more Paris!!), it is cute. Also my sister has met Marc Quinn, and he is also featured in this Months Harpers Bazaar ( he did the crystal work on the 2 covers!), she said his lectures are dull

  • http://rocketrend.wordpress.com/ Laila

    I would kill to be in his lectures still! LOL

  • http://asianmodelsblog.blogspot.com Asian Model Blog

    See, just goes to show reading Vogue magazine is good for education — fashion or Chinese!

  • sophie

    they have this sort of stuff in almost EVERY british vogue issue, so it kind of sucks if you have no interest whatsoever in any of mick jagger’s children, who are always in there somewhere.

  • http://wottoncool.wordpress.com jo

    that’s an interesting theme. i assume it would have done pretty well in china too cos of the whole westernization feel going on. but nooo i have to read it in chinese???