“A Chorus Line” – Love magazine Spring/Summer 2012

It’s only natural that Katie Grand – stylist for Louis Vuitton/collaborator of Marc Jacobs/editor-in-chief for LOVE magazine – will produce an editorial for the Spring/Summer 2012 issue which will go along with the current Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs exhibition happening right now at Les arts Decoratifs.

The editorial, titled “A Chorus Line” and photographed by Solve Sundsbo, is nothing short of spectacular and iconic. The models, mostly newcomers – Sara, Ajak, Lida, Xiao, Sharon, Magda, Catlin, Tilda, Nysaha, Kati, Hedwig, Marihenny, Josephine, Melissa & Morgane – are dressed exactly the same like synchronized swimmers and ballet dancers, showcasing only the different shoes and bags from Louis Vuitton. Pretty amazing, no? Absolutely unforgettable!

[images: thefashionspot]