The Universe and Art exhibition at ArtScience Museum

Fascinating universe-themed exhibition.

As the title of the exhibition said it, the newest exhibition at ArtScience Museum is an artistic voyage through space and universe. Although it sounds really scientific, heavy on physics and theory, The Universe and Art exhibition does thoroughly showcase all the different logic and philosophies different cultures and religions have on the universe, transcending centuries of discoveries and wonders.

The earlier part of the exhibition dived into the historical cosmologies from around the world. Religious art from the Buddhist, Hindu and Jain traditions shows how we conceived of the cosmos as multidimensional from the earliest of times.

Traditional telescopes that philosophers and cosmologists from centuries ago, created to feast their curiosity of the stars in the universe

An old compass that guides the Muslim worshippers on the right direction to do their daily prayer

In this part of the exhibition, right after the historical showcase, “The Universe as Space-Time” looks into the future – sharing new thinking about the universe as presented through the work of contemporary artists.

“A New View of Life” explores the fascination people have on the potential of life on other parts of the universe. Aliens? UFOs? Every piece of art depicts different artists’ interpretation of life on the other side of the world.

The exhibition is a organised by the famed Mori Art Museum from Roppongi, Tokyo and partly supported by Singapore’s very own Asian Civilisation Museum. Featuring over 120 original artworks, rare scientific artifacts and manuscripts. Running only till end of July, don’t miss the chance to visit the exhibition at ArtScience Museum.