How to make cookies with just TWO ingredients

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If you’re a health freak you you will love this cookie recipe, it’s totally not for the junk food eaters. Cookies baked with just TWO ingredients – mashed ripe bananas and raw organic oats. I cheated and added walnuts and blueberries but you will do fine with just that two ingredients.

I’ve been sharing these with friends and family and since everyone’s been asking for the recipe, here it is:

1) Take about 2 ripe bananas

2) 200grams of raw oats

Mash them up together until it becomes gooey, if it doesn’t look slimy and digesting, you’re doing it wrong.

two ingredient cookie 1

Place them onto a baking sheet in the oven in any size of shape you like, bake in 175 degree celsius for about half an hour. The cookie batter doesn’t expand at all unlike the normal ones and the cookies are best eaten fresh out of oven. Of course you can store it and heat up to eat over the week.

two ingredient cookie 2