The U Factory – A Temporary Experimental Platform

the u factory 1 the u factory 2

Have you visited the The U Factory? Catching on the recent trend of pop-ups, the “Temporary Experimental Platform” has been taking residence at Gillman Barracks and will be stretching its presence there through the festive period all the way till 31st January. At its launch two weeks ago, which was super packed by the way, the place was already bursting with vigor and an unexpected allure. It is reminiscent of one of those humble exhibition spaces in London or Melbourne where you will stumble upon in the corner of a random street. One of the highlights, and most Instagram-ed feature of The U Factory is the “FRAMES” exhibit by Shigeki Fujishiro (at BLK 38 #01-06) which is extending its run till this Sunday 24 November due to popular demand. Other highlights include the Maison Ikkoku pop-up as well as the Monocle store within The U Cafe which sells their signature items.

The U Factory is supposedly modeled after Andy Warhol’s 1960s Factory concept and produced by Underscore. Opens from 11AM till 7PM daily at 37/38/39 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks.

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