Make Earl Grey Macarons at Home

earl grey macarons 8

If you have time to spare and you wish to bake something that’s extremely challenging and bound to fail… try the french macarons. I don’t know what made me sink into this baking dare devil mood but I had my first attempt at baking this notoriously difficult french cookie last weekend. What happened was

a mess in the kitchen and a semi-alright Earl Grey Macaron with a fig paste as the filling.

I am going to share my experience anyway. I do not have mixer or grinder and basically a lot of the things are pre-made. Oh, and I only had about two hours to bake these thingys before I had to rush off to the Ilo Ilo gala premiere last weekend.

Here are the ingredients I had:

3 eggs whites
50g granulated sugar
200g icing sugar
110g ground almonds
2 tablespoons ground earl grey tea leaves
A pinch of salt
A pinch of cream of tartar
Fig paste for filling

earl grey macarons 1
The ground almonds are straight from the packet, I would suggest making your own from a proper kitchen grinder so you can control how fine it will be. The finer the better or sieving is going to be a pain in the a**.

earl grey macarons 2
Without a mixer I bit the egg whites… BY HAND! It was a good work out. I basically couldn’t stop until my egg whites and granulated sugar are in a foam-y state. After that’s done I sieved and mixed the caster sugar and the ground almonds together in another bowl

earl grey macarons 3earl grey macarons 4
This is the finale: pour both dry and wet ingredients together in a huge bowl, drop in a liiiiiittle bit of cream of tar tar and salt. I fold the batter for about 10-15 laps. I do not have a piping bag. Guess what’s the replacement? MY TRUSTY IKEA ZIP LOCK BAGS. Pour the mixture in and cut a tiny hole at the corner. The placement of the batter onto the baking paper is a tricky part. Take a deep breathe, focus and lay them out neatly. If you have OCD, um good luck.

earl grey macarons 5
This is the part where apparently it’s a “secret trick” as told by numerous online tutorials that makes a difference in your macarons: hit the whole tray a few times to let the air bubbles out and leave it in room temperature for about 15-20 minutes. You can tell whether it’s ready to put in the oven or not by touching the macaron shells. If it doesn’t stick to your fingers, it’s ready. Bake for 15-20 minutes in 150 degrees.

earl grey macarons 6
I made two trays of macaron shells and one was out of the oven too early (this picture) which resulted in the shells looking a bit bumpy on the surface, the other one was just burnt due to me neglecting it and trying to take pictures. Lame.

earl grey macarons 7
For macarons everyone loves a buttercream filling, but I got the lazy way out and tried this fig paste, these two are a good combination.

So there you go, my disastrous first take at this divalicious cookie. I will try again definitely and hopefully it’ll not make my french friends frown.