DREAM EXCHANGE – Sharing This Rawsome Life through NX30

vegan cheesecake 1

Going on a completely meat-free diet might sound like a horror story to some but to be honest, you have no idea that simply just by eating less meat, how much you’re actually doing for the environment and your health.

Did you know?

– Raising animals for food consumes more than half of all water used in the U.S. 2,500 gallons of water = a pound of meat produced.

– Producing just one hamburger uses enough fossil fuel to drive a small car 20 miles.

– Red meat in particular increase the risk of a lot of diseases 
(Facts from PETA)

I have been a vegetarian since November last year and today marks my 9th month going 100% meat-free.

In case you think life is miserable without biting into chunky juicy meat stuff, you still do get to enjoy the nasty things like ice cream, fries and what not. You will also begin to realize that it is way more fun hunting for restrictive food items everywhere and anywhere you go rather than being able to eat everything you can get.

Since going vegetarian I’ve also picked up the hobby of baking and one of my dreams is to open a vegan bakery. I don’t think you want to know how much egg and butter are there in every cupcake you consume, let alone the whole hoopla about gluten. To see people enjoying a dessert that has no harmful ingredients involved is a priceless feeling. Think making cookies out of only peanut butter, sugar and tofu and taste like your regular bakes. Just, life-changing.

I’m going to be sharing more rawsome vegan bakes that are simple, delicious and full of health benefits. My trusty Samsung NX30 camera will be capturing all the details of the bakes, you will be able to see every single bit of the ingredients (certified raw). You’re looking at a photography rookie here but I’m hoping my photos will make you drool!

vegan cheesecake 2


For crust

1/2 cup ground almonds

1/2 cup pitted soft Medjool dates

A pinch of sea salt

For cake

1 ½ cups raw cashews, soaked for 4-5 hours

1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/3 cup raw melted coconut oil

1/3 cup honey

1 cup frozen blueberries

A squeeze of fresh lemon


1) Blend the dates and almond together and add in the salt

2) This is the crust, press the mixture together as the base

3) Blend all the ingredients for the cake together until the texture is similar to a smoothie

4) Pour the wet mixture over the crust

5) Chill for a few hours until the cake is set

Voila! There you go, a rawsome vegan cheesecake. Enjoy and stay tuned for more of recipes in future.

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