I run with the Mobium

IMG_0365What makes night running even cooler? Glowing shoes.

I’ve been running a lot at night, mostly to avoid getting a tan and also it’s quieter. How often do you bump into night runners in your neighborhood or even the CBD?

My current trusty shoe-to-go for running is the Puma Mobium Elite Glow. When you own a pair of shoes this awesometastic you kind of feel good about running, you are more or less likely going to have more motivation in exercising. Yes I actually look forward to my night runs now.

The Mobium series are super, well EXTREMELY lightweight and breathable. The sole is the best part, for every step you take your feet bounces back effortlessly. And the glow-in-the-dark feature? That’s just the icing on top, I get a kick out of young kids staring at my shoes when I run pass them. Hey my shoes are cooler than YOUR shoes!

Check out the Puma Mobium Elite Glow collection at Singapore stores and start running today.