The Projector Cinema at Golden Mile Tower

the projector 1

Did you even know there’s a defunct cinema in Golden Mile? That distinctive building which looks like a spectator stand from the south not only houses the best Thai food in the city, and now also the most indie cinema you will ever go to. Totally unrelated to today’s commercial cinema scene, The Projector revives this historic movie theatre (which been around since the 70s!) to an independent creative platform that brings together the best of indie, art house films. If you are a fan of these type of movies, watch out for their roster of films. There are repeats of the same film and tickets can go from pay-as-you-wish to $13 per person. But honestly, the experience is priceless.

The Projector seems like one of those initiatives by the young generation who is now scrambling to preserve a string of old school places in Singapore before they get torn down in near future.

You can visit The Projector at level 5 Golden Mile Tower, for more information – visit its webpage here.

the projector 2

the projector 3

the projector 4