5 Ingredient Matcha Cookies

matcha cookies shortbread recipe
Nothing beats baking cookies or cakes at home for Christmas. Whether it’s for a party or as a gift, it’s sincere (you freaking spend hours doing it by hand!) and it usually tastes delicious.

My current obsession is with matcha aka japanese green tea powder. The power of all things green is that it looks healthy on first sight and it’s christmas-y! It’s also super easy to bake it at home. Here’s what you need to make a few stacks of Matcha Butter Shortbread Cookies:

240g all purpose flour

15g green tea powder (matcha)

150g unsalted butter

130g icing sugar

2 egg yolks

Optional add-ons: white chocolate chips or M&M minis

matcha cookie shortbread 1
Sift the flour and matcha together first in a huge bowl

matcha cookie shortbread 2
Whisk together the butter and add in the sugar slowly. When it’s soft & light add in the egg yolks and beat well.

matcha cookie shortbread 3
Pour in the dry ingredients and fold the mixture with a spatula

matcha cookies shortbread recipe 2
Roll the barter into small balls and shape it to whatever pattern you want. I pressed in about 8 M&M minis into each cookie. They don’t actually expand a lot so you can leave minimal space in between. Put in the oven and leave it for about 25 mins at 150 degrees.

Ta-dah! That’s all, have fun baking this Christmas!

matcha cookies shortbread recipe 1