Lloyd’s Inn Singapore

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After finding out about Design Hotels, which lists boutique hotels all around the world with “cultural authenticity, thought-provoking design and architecture” as their members, I’ve started looking to the site as a guide to seek the ideal type of hotel. A good hotel is a norm, a hotel with good design is hard to find.

Although it sounds like your usual travel booking portal, it is not. The fact that for a big city like Oslo, only ONE hotel is listed pretty much sums up their standard. In Singapore, several boutique hotels are on their list, they are the predictable names of Wanderlust and New Majestic Hotel. One new kid on the block I thought deserves a mention is Lloyd’s Inn which just underwent a revamp.

Located conveniently in town between Killiney and Oxley Road, it looks like a Bali villa with its lush decor and minimalist uncluttered design which is rare for hotels these days. It is so Kinfolk-worthy you probably don’t want to leave the room at all during the stay.

The rooms start at $178, if you want to find out more or see more photos, check out www.lloydsinn.com

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