Instagram’s Algorithm Change: What Does It Mean For Fashion?


When you depend your life on unpredictable platforms.

Popular platform Instagram announced their imminent algorithm change last week and their long standing USP (unique selling point) of having chronological feed might be over. Overnight the social media space erupted with petitions to stop the change and huge Instagram celebrities jumped in to voice out their dismay. In the fashion world, many photographers, designers, magazines, stylists and models depend heavily on the platform for commercial purposes. One of the most prominent photographers in the industry Inez & Vinoodh has already wrote an “appeal” to Instagram. Their account has 304,000+ followers.


Supermodels these days are “grown” from Instagram, the more popular they are the more high paying jobs they book (e.g Gigi Hadid). For magazines, the amount of followers define their influence in the digital age which translates to sales in ads which keeps the jobs of the editors and stylists. Designers need the platform to reach more customers and showcase their latest collections and products. Influencers use their high reach and engagement to collaborate with brands for work. Many people have jobs and businesses because of Instagram. When you depend your life so much on something that is out of your control, you need to be able to adapt quickly. The algorithm change will affect many other industries but in the context of the fashion, this will potentially cause a ripple effect.

The only way to cut through the clutter and react to the change – strengthening your content output will be key. The competition will be hotter and you simply can’t afford to lose out by putting out bad content. If it’s something that your followers will not care, there is no point. It’s not the end of the world but a way to make the world better with meaningful and note-worthy content. Maybe that’s not bad news after all.