Happy Plugs Launches Customizable Wireless Speakers

happy plugs wireless speakers

happy plugs wireless speakers 2

How to make your speakers part of your home decor plan.

Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand Happy Plugs, or “the H&M of fashion electronic acessories”, has launched their brand new Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini, two wireless speakers that fuse state-of-the-art technology and minimalistic Swedish design with the ability to personalise your speakers with the latest fashions and interior design trends.

The Sound Piece can serve as both a music centre and design item. With the power to be the primary sound source in your living room without taking over with wires or a clumsy design. The Sound Piece Mini on the other hand is an on-the-go compact portable speaker ideal for travelling or outdoor activities. With the built-in microphone, the Sound Piece Mini also functions as a conference speaker and speakerphone. The battery has a lifespan of up to 14.5 hours with the extra feature of an emergency power bank, allowing for smartphone charging at any location or on-the-go.

The Happy Plugs Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini are retailing at $329 and $139, respectively. Each speaker comes with the signature black grill and new exchangeable grills are available in the same colours and styles as the existing Happy Plugs design portfolio. These products will be sold through Atlas E-store and selected resellers island-wide.

Visit www.soundpiece.sg for more information.

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