Fit For Fashion Premiering Tomorrow

FIt for Fashion group picture

Debuting tomorrow night across Asia on StarWorld, Fit for Fashion is a new reality TV show by Fitness First Asia and Imagine Group. The show can be explained in one sentence: a combination of 1) Next Top Model 2) Biggest Loser 3) Survivor. That is exactly how the show is like. Basically Fit For Fashion will transform the lives of 12 ordinary people into stylish and confident individuals through fitness and fashion. They will be competing for the top prize of USD100,000.

While the show has yet to air, there’re a few things about the show that could be challenged – the “ordinary people” on the show doesn’t seen too ordinary as they are pretty fit and good looking to begin with. And also the fashion element seemed pretty awkwardly woven in. The episodes start with a team challenge where they will work in teams to complete some gruelling physical tasks, they will then go to the gym and work out Biggest Loser-style followed by a photo shoot with Todd Anthony Tyler (of Asia’s Next Top Model fame). Lastly, the elimination round will be decided by which team lost in the first challenge and a contestant will be nominated for elimination judging by the results of the photo shoot.

What do you think? Watch a teaser below and stay tuned for the first episode tomorrow Thursday October 16 at 21:40 (SGT GMT+8) on StarWorld.