Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish by Christian Louboutin Beauté


The latest luxury brand to launch a beauty line, Christian Louboutin, is kick-starting their new makeup division with the release of the Nail Lacquer collection which will consist of a total of 30 shades.

The bottle design will probably be what fans and beauty junkies be killing for – a sharp pointy cap that resembles paintbrushes and of course, the Ballerina Ultima (highest heel ever designer by Christian Louboutin). The highlight of the collection is the shade “Rouge Louboutin” which mimics the iconic red soles of the Louboutin shoes. To differentiate Rouge Louboutin with the rest, the length of the cap will be the tallest amongst all at 20.5cm.

Discover more about the collection at The nail polish is priced at HKD$450.00 on the Hong Kong Website.