Brands Game On world cup 1

If you started watching the first match of World Cup from an 100 inch screen, chances are you will be so spoiled by the view you wouldn’t want to watch another one unless it’s THAT huge.

Brands Singapore have launched a series of games and contests in conjunction with the on-going World Cup 2014 and to start the campaign, they organized a Kick-Off Party at Outpost bar where soccer fans and bloggers gathered to watch the (EPIC) Spain Vs Netherlands match, which by now you would have known, ended at 5-1.

To be honest, besides the usual Red Bull, Beer and energy drinks, chicken essence is a pretty good option to keep you going during this period. All the late nights are no joke.

To join in the fun, simply head on to brandsgameon.com.sg and find out more about all the activities that are going on with Brands Singapore and their partner bloggers.

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