My Blogger Phone Plan

singtel easymobiel

Singtel‘s Easy Mobile phone plans have rolled out for about a month already and having tried the Size L plan, which consist of 16 units at $65.00 per month, here’s what I’ve been up to with the abundance of data.

Of the 16 units of course I moved 14 to data, and that gives me 7GB, of which I spent in the following ways:


1. Live-blogging

Instagram-Tweeting-Facebooking what’s happening at events, interesting things etc. This is like what a blogger does, everything inspiring is worthy of a share online. We need data like a fat kid needs cake. There’s a saying that at events, the ones that are permanently on the phone are bloggers and we go radio silence for about a good 5 minutes every time we are crafting a post. Here’s a photo of a Noise Singapore exhibition at Ion Orchard I happened to chance upon recently.

snapchat quilted skirt


If you are on this instant photo messaging app you will know what I mean, it’s addictive and it kills your data. Sending short videos and photos on the go to your group of friends is like 21st century communications. In one day I can send up to 5 snapchats and I watch at least 5-10 other snapchats daily. You can actually have a whole conversation via Snapchat and the people around you get to know what you’re up to instantly. Did you just see a celebrity on the street? SNAPCHAT. Did you just see a rainbow? SNAPCHAT. Did you just had a good meal? SNAPCHAT.

This photo I sent to my friends is of me wearing a quilted skirt made out of just adding buttons to a quilt. Of course I submitted this to the Easy Mobile Tweakboard, you can see all the other life hacks people submitted and right there. It’s like a Pinterest of tips.

P.S Stand to win a 2 year Size L Easy Mobile plan if your tweak is the most innovative in its category (Food, Lifestyle, Technology). Contest ends on 30 September.

Access the Tweakboard here.

3. Fashion Week LIVE

It is fashion week now, almost EVERY single brand is live streaming their shows now, I get to watch them in real time via my phone anywhere and anytime. I will be live-streaming the upcoming Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 show on Rock The Trend right here this coming Monday 15 September at 8PM Singapore time so don’t miss it! And yes, you can watch it on your phone