Austin City Limits Music Festival 2016


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As a visitor from Singapore, to be able to attend and see the scale of music festivals outside of the tiny island is a true blessing. In America, almost every state has its own signature music event, just like how Singapore has its own Neon Lights, Laneway and Zoukout etc. Well, everything is just bigger in the states. At Texas’ very own Austin City Limits Music Festival, the turnout is massive, the location is huge, the hospitality is great (free flow of water everywhere!) and the organizers even made it family-friendly – there were tag-a-kid trackers so your children won’t get lost. Everything is well planned, the festival ran like a well-oiled machine. The whole Austin came alive for the two weekends each year where the city mayor is active and involved in the festival, the public transport increased its frequency/extended hours and the locals enthusiastically helped out on/off the festival grounds. As a visitor you truly feel the energy of the whole city and the warmth from the community through ACL.

Panoramic view of the location – Zilker Metropolitan Park once you enter the arena

The headliner that drew crowds from around the region and the world this year for the Fall season of ACL: Radiohead. The legendary band closed the first nights of both weekends with a two hour set finishing off with the classic “Fake Plastic Trees”. #DidYouKnow it was also Thom Yorke’s birthday on the 7th October? “I’m happy to spend my birthday with you buggers”, said Thom in a hilarious pseudo-Northern accent. That Friday was also Flying Lotus aka Steven Ellison’s birthday too. What are the chances of headlining acts having back to back birthdays? Pretty rare. Steven teased the crowd and made them remember to sing Thom a birthday song.

Samsung stage in the afternoon

Flying Lotus


If you are heading to the states and planning to check out a festival, ACL is definitely a good option and a visit to Texas is not a bad idea at all!