Alexander Wang Objects N.3 Collection

Objects N.3_2013

Objects N.3 is a curation of Alexander Wang‘s favourite personal everyday items that have nothing to do with fashion, just simple lifestyle objects that screams Wang to you. These things are bound to make your home or office more designer-looking: think matte black, leather, embossed stingray… all the luxury materials in ordinary daily objects. Coming to stores in Singapore in July, this third edition is a 10-piece collection that includes stingray notebook, lighter case, playing cards, coasters, pocket chain, bottle opener, candle holder set, slippers, leather jumping rope and boxing gloves. Price ranges from S$60 for a lighter case to S$420 for the boxing gloves.

Objects N.3_2013_Bottle Opener

Objects N.3_2013_Boxing Gloves

Objects N.3_2013_Candle Holder Set

Objects N.3_2013_Coasters

Objects N.3_2013_Jump Rope

Objects N.3_2013_Lighter Case

Objects N.3_2013_Notebook

Objects N.3_2013_Playing Cards

Objects N.3_2013_Pocket Chain

Objects N.3_2013_Slippers