Years of Vogue – 1920s to present

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I got this 2007 Vogue Covers book from the school library the other day and wow, it’s been a seriously good read. I have seen some of these vintage covers here and there, in forums and vogue websites, but the cover images in this book are blown up to HQ sizes with the credit fully written at the bottom, and all the explanations of the meaning behind the covers are definitely good-to-know.

Some snaps of covers that caught my attention…

Nov 1926 ‘The Evening Mode’ illustrated by Guillermo Bolin.


In the early 90s, editors hired illustrators to explain a new trend, silhouette or forecast. The images can be anything— art deco, graphic design, painting or a sketch— and the logo changes in every issue. Eduardo Benito was the most frequent illustrator back then.

First photographic cover.

20 July 1932, ph by Edward Steichen.


First post-war cover.

October 1945, illustrated by James de Holden-Stone.


Vogue was caught unprepared for a peacetime cover as the war had just ended in September. The assistant art director hurriedly painted this skyscape for the cover of this Peace and Reconstruction issue.

Celebrating half-century

June 1950, Jean Patchett ph by Irving Penn.


Instead of going all colourful for a Spring issue, they went with ‘The Black and White Idea’. This is what they called cutting-edge back then!

Twiggy arrives.

October 1967 and December 1974


Pablo’s covers simply stood out the most…

April 1984, model: Elizabetta Ramella


From mid-80s to the 90s, Vogue covers were mostly dominated by the Supers, Linda, Christy, Cindy, Naomi, Stephanie, Helena… the list goes on, but you get the idea. Linda was featured the most, and in true chameleon form all her covers were hugely different from one another.

September 1992, ph by Peter Lindberg


Kate’s first Vogue cover.

March 1993, ph by  Corinne Day


After her debut at Vogue, from late 90s till now she is still getting approx 5 Vogue covers per year.

So what’s the next chapter in Vogue covers in the coming years?

[images: snapped by me via phone camera]

  • That April 1984 cover is simply stunning. The covers of most magazines nowadays are simply going downhill. Sex and art seems to be predominant. How disappointing.

  • nowohucianka

    1945 is really powerful…. incredible! I would have never said it’s Vogue’s cover.

  • Martine

    Interesting cover. More appropriate for Jonathan Livingston Seagull then Vogue. I certainly do not like the 1984 cover. The bimbo models in the 80’s made me sick. What do you mean to say? That sex and art are bad things? LOL!!!!

  • Tita

    Best covers ever! Class, beauty and intelligence!