Top 3 Fashion April Fools Pranks

lucky april fools 1lucky april fools 2lucky april fools 3

These pranks are so full of win they deserve an Oscar.

Starting with Lucky Magazine‘s animal-inspired covers (top images) which featured the hottest pet-stars on Instagram right now – grumpy cat, Choupette and Toastie the dog. If they actually made it in print we are sure they get sold-out pronto.

Next up we have the clip-on “Man Bun” from ASOS:


Which reminds us of how the hipster guys are (still) trying to grow out their hair now after see the bun on the likes of Jared Leto, Zayn Malik and Chris Hemsworth. We can only imagine the clip-on bun falling off into the bowl of soup in front of them on their first date.

Lastly let’s not forget the the shoefie from New York boutique Miz Mooz, this is simply 99 levels of EPIC.


Images from @evachen212, trendhunter,,,