Through layers

Bruno Pieters Spring ’10, Iekeliene Stange ph by Frederik Heyman.

(click on images to see larger version)

Amidst all the new campaign images, one that really caught my eyes is Bruno Pieters. I am a fan of Pieters as I have mentioned before, though I might be biased, but the campaign is simply breath-taking— love the minimalism of the white background shots, and Iekeliene. She might not be doing a lot of commercial work but she is definitely a to-go model for aesthetical houses. From the phenomenal Majo Fruithof images to last season’s Hussein Chalayan campaign, designers especially the indie ones are all hankering after those killer cheekbones and face structure.


  • yee

    Love the campaign,
    so fresh and cool.
    Iekeliene somehow always adds this creepy mood
    to the pictures, but in a good way though.

  • Ashburn Eng

    these are great!!!