The Vuitton work out

Latest shot of Madonna for Louis Vuitton Spring 09:


I am getting distracted by the ruffled orange monogram undies, and fishnet stockings.

If this shot is supposed to convey something, what is it?


  • TraiT

    Sex appeal? Hell no!

    Seriously, have we not seen her scratched-out-crotch enough already?

    god… The other new ads are nice, just not this one…

  • ginevra

    I don’t give a sh*t ? Sorry, but that’s really the only thing that occurs to me.

  • Acdtrsh

    Well ..somewhat vulgar and inappropriated for her age even if she’s Madonna

  • peek-a-boo

    Before the ads are even out there’s already an overkill.
    Her Madgesty looks rather photoshopped and pathetic here.The pose is so tacky its almost embaressing.

  • http://- Chloe

    Oh this really makes me cringe…
    and shut my eyes, tight.
    Why Marc? Pourquoi?

  • kayandreamer

    i think she was attempting to convey a raw sexuality but at her age, and in those clothes it just doesnt work

  • Asian Models Blog

    Oh boy?!?! Showing Madonna’s crotch IS NOT a good advertising move.

  • ellen

    I think she’s trying to tell us she lost her pants.

  • Molly

    i could think of dozens of other ways to make this ad work…they all include having madonna CLOSE her LEGS!!! ahh!

  • http://rocketrend sally j

    looks like she shaves, her um…

  • ryder

    i hate it. my eye goes on madonnas panties and not on bag. its failed to do its deauty.

  • tony

    it’s a great camapaign, Marc is a smart man.

  • tony

    Ps, none of you can aford LV, So instead of pissing on her and LV , be inspired so you can one day.