The moment, is fading.

To be quite honest, I am a little disappointed with some campaign casting so far this season. The historic Vogue Italia black issue hasn’t quite cause a stir at the all important campaign field apparently. It is surprising that Jourdan Dunn is getting 0 bookings. While the likes of Arlenis and Sessilee are doing GAP, a campaign which usually has a mix of 15, 20 models. Liya is doing St John (excuse me but from Estee Lauder to Lanvin to St John?) and the dynamic! Naomi, didn’t take a back seat however— DSquared2 with Linda Evangelista, by Meisel.

Maybe it was silly but I had hopes that Jourdan would at least get Burberry? If not now, at least in future? Since she is Brit and pretty recognized nowadays but to track the campaign history, only one black model did Burberry — Naomi (who else?) for Burberry Spring 01′. What took them so long?


Maybe a few more years, Jourdan.

There is something to get excited about though:

Ariel Meredith for D&G.



She’s from FORD, the same agency which brought up Chanel Iman. Definitely one to watch.

Back to topic, if you look at the few HUGE. MAJOR. MULTI-girl campaign casting a la Prada and Balenciga, didn’t you realize that most of them look the same? Blonde hair, check. Fair skin, check. Cheekbones, check. Alien-ish looks, umm, no.



Very commercial, and it will surely sell if Meisel puts 8 looks into one shot, complete with accessories etc.

In times like these, no one dares to take risk, no?


  • Carliekarl

    WOW!! I hate to say it but I think you’re right. What happened to the power of diversity?? Where are the asian girls and the darker latina girls (let alone the black girls)?? The beauty of the inhabitants of this planet is our fabulous diversity.

  • zoe

    i am also really disgusted that girls that are not caucasian or white hispanics aren’t getting cast for anything. it’s so annoying. there are beautiful girls of every race out there like liu wen, jourdan dunn, hyoni kang, lakshmi menon, chanel iman, ariel meredith (i’m glad she got a job! so cute), oluchi orlandi, steph mendez and so many more. it’s just frustrating. it’s like they’re trying to convince the world that only white girls are beautiful.

  • Asian Models Blog

    What? Hye Park and Du Juan have not booked any ads yet? OUCH!

    Lakshmi is doing Givenchy again, I hear.

    Is Liya’s contract with Estee Lauder an on-going multi-year thing or was it a one shot affair?

  • Asian Models Blog

    Like Cavalli is a poor (wo)man’s version of Versace, St. John’s is knock off of Chanel.

  • Laila


    Yes, major ouch 🙁

    Hye Park 0, Du Juan 1 (GAP)
    Liu Wen is amazing: Benetton, CK One Fragrance, DKNY Jeans, Gap— but they aren’t big campaigns, if she’s among the 10 girl Balenciaga cast at least, that would shut me up.

  • peek-a-boo

    Naomi’s on the cover of Vogue China’s January issue if anyone’s interested.

  • Chic Noir

    Channel Iman could use a few ads as well.
    Jourdan is so high fashion looking. I really thought Jourdan would be one of the girls in the new Prada ads.
    Jourdan and Channel need campaigns to keep afloat financially. Editorials and (most) runway shows don’t pay the bills

    I think St. John is high end so it’s a good match for Liya who has a very classy look. Seeilee has been a Lanvin ad girl as well.
    Du Juan’s beauty is beyond words.

    Asian models blogger, Liya was replaced with Hillary Rhoda at E. Lauder.
    I would like to ad that there are few dark haired and dark eyed white women getting a shot today. The Coca Rochas(light eyed) are a rariety. Would Cindy Crawford,Stephanie Seymour and Christy Turlington be supermodels in today’s industry.

  • Elijah

    But the casting does indeed look perfect together, very interested to see what Meisel is coming up this time 🙂

  • Kassie

    Well I think the big problem is actually Naomi. I don’t think she is as open to share the spotlight with other black models behind closed doors…

  • sophie

    i agree kassie. didn’t tyra banks say that naomi was really mean to her and stopped her getting loads of jobs? it’s great that naomi still gets loads of work but she has to pass the baton on some time. personally i think jourdan dunn is the best british model around right now, i simply cannot understand why she isn’t getting campaigns, especially from british fashion houses who should support british models.

  • Hannah

    I don;t think everyone should think so into it. All of hte girls are beautiful the colour of their skin is f regardless. I’m not being racist, my favuoritee models are Du Juan and Jourdan Dunn, but I think it is not fair to say that the girls who are white should not get jobs. They are beautiful. And even if Naomi is a bitch, she is stunning, far more so than Tyra Banks.