Some notes on Fall ’09 campaigns

  • Meisel has been shooting a lot of campaigns in New York this season, continuing his almost monopoly of the big guns. The confirmed ones— Mulberry, Ferretti, Prada and he is probably repeating his usual Lanvin, Missoni, Ferre and many more. Hopefully he brings something fresh to the table for every one. Previously, Missoni and GF Spring 09’s concept is very similar, as well as those campaigns shot in his ‘muse’ cafe location. Some newer names to star in his upcoming campaigns: Madisyn Ritland and Dorothea Barth Jorgensen.
  • Givenchy is going to be spectacular, very varying looks, very supreme. Mert & Marcus will take over from Inez & Vinoodh (they have lost quite a few big campaigns in the past few years didn’t they? Chloe, Valentino and now Givenchy— all gone).
  • Jourdan Dunn nabbed a campaign after going zero last season.
  • Gucci takes nine girls. One of them is Jaquetta Wheeler, who is popping by Singapore next week by the way!
  • Monika Jagaciak is exclusive only girl for Calvin Klein main line.
  • Chanel is Heidi Mount and Freja Beha (her third time).
  • Anna de Rijk, a Prada exclusive, has been ‘triple coveted’ according to TI. I smell Prada already.
  • Celebs being cast this season: Madonna for Vuitton again, Jennifer Connelly for Balenciaga and Emma Watson for Burberry (rumoured). Wondering what Madonna is up to this time.

I am excited about Givenchy, who says weird pairings don’t work?! We have three months before campaigns start to unveil… anticipation.

  • AMB

    With Givenchy switching photographers, I guess Lakshmi & Maria Carla may not be returning for another season since it’s the photographers who usually have more power with model selection.

  • kassie

    I’m sure Maria Carla will stay she’s friends with Ricardo

  • Angela See Angela Blog

    I am so excited about Gucci. Well not for Jaquetta but Abbey, Natasha (yay!) and Raquel.


  • bhisan

    aha ! wow these campaigns are gona be great. madonna is probably going to keep her legs to herself.

    ! lol she is 50 years old !!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant still believe this !!!!!!!!!! and yet she is getting the biggest campaign. WOW.

    my mom is 41 and is jealous of her lol …

  • Prism Reflection

    Givenchy of course… Mert & Marcus can’t do much wrong .