Romeo Gigli X Chen Man

I am a fan and follower of Beijing-based photographer Chen Man‘s work, especially after seeing her campaigns for M.A.C and cover shoots for i-D. Her style is always a balance between ultra-sharp glossy photos and a touch of fantasy, producing series after series of dream-like photos. Chen Man’s latest shoot for JOYCE Hong Kong’s collaboration with Italian designer Romeo Gigli is as intense as her previous work in terms of colors and it couldn’t show off the collection any better. The four faces of the campaign are Matthew Avedon, grandson of legendary photographer Richard Avedon, London “it” boy and style icon Charlie Casely Hayford, Paris-based Mexican blogger Denni Elias and Beijing supermodel Ji Li Li.

我一直都有在留意北京攝影師陳曼D作品,尤其係睇過佢噶M.A.C.广告同埋i-D杂志封面之后。佢好有自己噶风格,最擅长濃郁色彩,出来D作品非常引人注目。陳曼近期拍攝意大利設計師Romeo Gigli同JOYCE合作噶獨家系列廣告大片,效果有同佢以往一樣‘濃’,將整個系列描述得幾好。當中四個模特就係著名攝影師Richard Avedon噶孫Matthew Avedon,倫敦IT boy Charlie Casely Hayford,駐巴黎噶墨西哥博客Denni Elias同埋北京超模纪莉莉。

[Images: JOYCE Hong Kong]

  • FashionSac

    Everything looks so perfect, so much ispiration!

  • parislights

    Beautiful. Oh how we have missed you Romeo !