Ouch, models tumbled during Givenchy New York Fashion Week Show


Who put those wooden steps on the runway?

Givenchy is a Paris Fashion Week staple but on September 11, Riccardo Tisci made his American debut during New York Fashion Week in front of a star studded crowd and a star studded model line-up. The outdoor show was breathtaking with Manhattan as the backdrop, it got more people talking when a few models tumbled down the runway. Candice Swanepoel, a Givenchy regular, was seen tripping on her lace-y stilettos and falling face flat on to the floor and another model fell down the wooden steps that were everywhere on the runway. Ouch. Reminds you of the Prada Spring 2009 when many models fell on the runway due to wonky shoes.

Check out the full show video below, Givenchy presented a huge collection of 88 looks which includes some of Riccardo’s signature silhouettes.

[Image: Cosmopolitan.com via Getty]