Freja Beha Erichsen for Karl Lagerfeld Spring 09.


It’s only the first shot and I am hooked. The darkness, the glare and the ghastly Brad Kroenig… this is so spot on.

image: scanned by Helligirl@TFS

  • RoseCouture

    I love it!
    Freja is amazing and this spot too!!!
    The light (or *not* the light) is so great!
    incroyable 😉

  • Kelsey

    her facial features are stunning!
    I agree, the lighting is incredible and really focuses on the (awesome!) clothes.
    can’t wait to see more

  • Asian Models Blog

    I love Freja! She’s one of most amazing chameleons in the fashion world today.

  • Erik Hesseman

    I love the stare it’s so… I don’t want to use fierce but fierce! Really cool can’t wait to see more!

  • Aaron

    YESSSS. freja seems to have found her way right back into karl’s good books. first opening chanel couture, now this. brilliant.

  • hodan

    my fave! Freja never disappoints… and Karl knows.