Five minutes with Tina Tan-Leo of alldressedup

Remember that saying in the book Fashion Babylon “If you are not listed on Net-A-Porter, you aren’t really in the fashion business.” One reason why alldressedup will forever remain the one true local fashion hero in my heart is that the Singaporean brand is stocked in Net-A-Porter. They also have more than 40 international stockists in the USA, Middle East, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Northern Europe, Japan and China.

Last Friday, Future Fashion Now, an upcoming cutting-edge online shopping portal that lets you shop like a buyer straight off the runway, held a private preview session of the Fall/Winter 12/13 collection at the Reebonz show space. After getting a sneak preview of the collection, I caught up with Tina Tan-Leo, founder and president of The Link Group and alldressedup, for a quick five minute interview, here it is!

RTT: Do you have a few words to describe the Fall/Winter 12/13 collection?

TTL: Structured but relaxed, versatile, subdued yet not dull

RTT: Any plans for a lower priced line?

TTL: I would say maybe in the near future but at the moment we are very careful with the price points for the main collection because we really want to target and reach out to the women who understands that we bring quality details good workmanship at a very decent price point. The price point starts from S$150 to S$600. I feel that working women, to buy a piece of alldressedup is nice because it last. It’s not about throw away fashion, it’s about lasting and mixing and matching, you can actually add that into your wardrobe and wear it all the time.

RTT: How about a menswear line?

TTL: In the near future we may think of that, it’s in the pipeline. Currently, we are really focused on our womenswear and fashion accessories

RTT: How’s the brand adapting to the digital age?

TTL: I think it’s fantastic, for us we are really embracing e-commerce and we also have our own sites to service our customers regionally and internationally. We are also working different sites to get the brand exposed global wise. So I think it’s very important that the brand is more accessible to all the younger generation and be more online savvy.

RTT: Do you have a fashion philosophy

TTL: Back then many years ago it’s very different because people have the time. Now people are so mobile, traveling. Always have no time, always working, with the family kids and all that. People have no time to put their wardrobe together. You need to have pieces that works from day to night so I think that’s what we are offering.

RTT: What are your thoughts on Future Fashion Now?

TTL: I think it’s fantastic, it’s an opportunity for alldressedup to be seen and heard really really globally even in cities or countries that we have not tapped on so this is a great opportunity that people fro those countries will hear about the brand. So it’s a real honour to be part of it.

  • Jeanne

    I like Tina Tan who’s always been Singapore’s true fashion icon & trailblazer. She broke the ultraluxe boundary when she opened Singapore’s Gianni Versace boutique in the 80s. She’s moved on from strength to strength…you just cannot teach this charming & cultivated lady anything about fashion. Fashionistas may come & go but Tina is still out there as effervescent as ever.
    Its true what she says about in the past women had the time to think about what to wear unlike these days when life is moving at such a hectic pace.
    Alldressedup is great & although I don’t mean to plug it I have to say you really get what you pay for in terms of quality & design.