Harry Halim Spring/Summer 2011

Singapore’s very own Harry Halim has just shown his latest Spring/Summer 2011 collection at Temple Protestant de l’Oratoire du Louvre this Paris Fashion Week. The collection used a lot of lace and the colour palette sticks strictly to black and navy blue, which gives off a very moody but quietly romantic vibe.

It is always great to see local designers striking out on their own in a major fashion capital and gaining momentum. A Lasalle graduate, Harry won the Asian Young Designer Award in 2006, and has since produced critically acclaimed collections named BIAS and LIES. He relocated to Paris in late 2008 and this is his second runway presentation in the City of Light. Watch the full show video below.

  • http://oratoiredulouvre.fr pernot

    This church was the royal chapel of the Louvre, since the 17th and became a prebyterian church in 19th.
    See http://oratoiredulouvre.fr
    Thanks to Harry Halim for his great work & art.

  • Mary

    he would not dare to do this in his own country. He showed no respect to people there.
    trying to hard to be the center…

  • Vionna

    I think Harry has a strong vision, since the beginning he started something very dark and personal coming from him. Thanks to Harry Halim for his great vision to promote that church as well.

  • Nat

    I hope he will show in Singapore – Audi Fashion Festival 2011! We lost a genius like him in Singapore Fashion Industry. left the shits now..

  • Elia Kazan

    Mary, I don’t get your message, why do you say that he wouldn’t dare doing that in his country ? I do not get your point, can you explain a bit more in detail ? Thank you.